How to be the best #BossBabe for your team?

It’s National Bosses Day! What better way to celebrate than sharing words of wisdom and tips on how to be the best #BossBabe for your team. We’ve narrowed down some key points that will make a difference at work that can help lead you and your team to ultimate success.


Set an example

You can set the standards in the workplace by simply setting an example. By utilizing tools and sharing tips to success with your team, they too can gain such skills. This also falls along the lines of- Practice what you preach. If you encourage your team to stay organized set the example!

Be Polished and Presentable

Take the time to be polished on a daily basis- no one is going to take you seriously if you don’t even care enough to do your hair and makeup. Take the extra time in the morning to look presentable, this will also encourage your team to look their best!

Be a Team player

Despite your title in the company, roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done alongside your team. Show your team that as their boss there is nothing that you do that they wouldn’t. If this means writing addresses on envelopes, taking out the trash, or picking up the mail, help your team. It won’t go unnoticed!

Spread words of affirmation- not gossip

Instead of sharing gossip, take the initiative and share some positive feedback and noteworthy news. This will encourage your team to work hard as well as build respect towards you. If you are always negative, then this will affect the way your team members view your work ethic as well as your personality.

Acts of kindness

Think out of the box- what small things can you do to help your team and brighten someone’s day? A simple task like bringing in donuts or offering help on a task can instantly change someone’s day for the better!


Happy National Boss day to all the #BossBabes and their power team!

  • On October 15, 2017
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