NEW Must Have High Definition Powder Creates Flawless Matte Finish

Established in January of 2012, Manna Kadar Beauty, Inc. is a prestige line of brands and products that merge the most innovative colors and trends with the finest ingredients in the world.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics are long-wearing, double duty and multitasking. Adhering to the philosophy that less is more, Manna’s tricks of the trade are found in double duty products such as Lip locked, a 3-in-1 powerhouse lip product that is a Primer, Lipgloss & Stain all in 1, cutting application time in half.



Manna’s newest powder addition to the prestige cosmetic line is: High Definition Pressed Perfecting Powder, also known as HD Powder.


HD Powder is a must-have powder that creates a matte, flawless makeup finish. HD Powder leaves a velvet feel and applies to skin completely colorless. This is the perfect finishing powder to any look. Use HD Powder on neck and décolleté for a perfectly polished look.

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  • Universal Shade
  • Goes on completely colorless
  • Keeps makeup in place all day long
  • Long-wear to prevent any creasing or smearing throughout the day
  • Leaves the face with a silky velvet feel
  • Leaves you looking “Photo-shoot” ready
  • Prevents flashback



  • Apply all over the face once you have completed your makeup look. This will help create a photo finished look and prevent any black flash from cameras.
  • A second tip, is to use this product on top of any foundation or BB cream to keep in place all day and prevent any creasing.
  • Great product to use for the hottest trend, baking! Simply dip a sponge into the product and layer the HD Powder under the eyes and let it sit for 3-5 minutes or your desired wait time. Wipe off excess product with a brush and you are good to go! This will help make your eyes appear more awake and keep any shadow or eyeliner from creasing.


Manna Kadar Beauty, Inc. is a member of the leaping bunny association. All products are cruelty free, and never tested on animals.

  • On August 3, 2017
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